Women & Money: The Shit We Don't Talk About!

Ep 10: The Cost of Caregiving with Cathy Sikorski

May 12, 2022 Barbara Provost & Maggie Nielsen
Women & Money: The Shit We Don't Talk About!
Ep 10: The Cost of Caregiving with Cathy Sikorski
Show Notes

In our society, the role of caretaker is often taken on by women. From elderly parents to raising children, most of the time it’s the women taking on the bulk of this responsibility and with this responsibility comes a lot of financial and legal knowledge we need to be aware of. 

On today’s episode, Cathy Sikorski, a former attorney, and current financial and legal educator joins us to discuss some tough issues with the right amount of humor. She is teaching women about financial care and aging, giving women the tools they need as caregivers and to care for themselves. 

We are in a caregiver crisis and Cathy is here to educate the public on how we can come out the other side alive and financially healthy. Taking care of elderly parents will impact most of us and we all have to prepare as much as we can. The more plans you have in place, the easier it will be to navigate this part of life. 

Join us today as we discuss: 

·       How women are financially impacted as caregivers

·       Saving financially as a caregiver and preparing for long term care

·       What women need to be aware of as a caregiver 

·       What documents you need for yourself and others 

Learn more about Cathy's book: 12 Conversations
More about Cathy: https://cathysikorski.com/

Listen to the full podcast or use the timestamps below to jump to a specific section. 

2:09 – We are in a caregiver crisis 

3:19 – Why you need to prepare

5:19 – How do we make a better plan?

7:19 – A long term care plan 

8:53 – Investing in your parents’ care 

10:07 – Seeing protection for the future 

10:52 – The concerns you need to be aware of

14:16 – The important documents you need

16:18 – Everyone needs a power of attorney 

16:55 – Cathy’s new book: 12 Conversations 

18:31 – Cathy’s other books and resources 

20:15 – You come to caregiving with an open heart 

22:16 – What’s the best way to reach out?


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