Women & Money: The Shit We Don't Talk About!

Negotiating Your Worth In The Workplace with Jen Pestikas

November 21, 2023 Barbara Provost & Maggie Nielsen
Women & Money: The Shit We Don't Talk About!
Negotiating Your Worth In The Workplace with Jen Pestikas
Show Notes

Our guest this week is the incredible Jen Pestikas, a financial services executive, leadership coach for women, and host of the podcast Brave Women at Work. We had the pleasure of meeting Jen through social media and we’re so glad that we did. She joins us today to discuss negotiating your worth in the workplace and why this is such an essential skill for women to harness.  

In our conversation, Jen shares her personal journey and highlights the societal factors that often deter women from negotiating their worth. We’ll hear some success stories of her coaching sessions and learn practical strategies to strengthen the negotiation muscle, set empowering baselines, and confidently navigate conversations about compensation, promotions, and more. Whether you're entering a new job or seeking a promotion, this episode equips you with script tips and insights to tackle these conversations head-on.

Don’t miss this empowering conversation on being financially fearless!

Here’s some of what we discuss in this episode:

  • Why do many women find negotiation challenging?
  • The impact of not negotiating on the gender pay gap 
  • Strengthening the negotiation muscle + some of Jen's client success stories
  • Defining your baseline, understanding your worth, and confidently navigating financial conversations
  • Beyond salary, what other aspects should women consider when negotiating in the workplace?

Learn more about Jen:

Jen Pestikas knows first-hand what it is like to start from the bottom and work her way to the top in her career. Jen started as a bank teller in the financial services industry and over the last 20 years, she moved up the ladder to be the Senior Vice President of Business Development for a Chicago land banking institution. Jen understands what soft and hard skills are needed to make significant leaps in your career, including mindset work, asking for what you want, interviewing skills, negotiation skills, presentation skills and more. 

Jen is now leveraging her experience to help her clients clarify what they want to do, identify obstacles, and take bold and brave action to achieve their goals without sacrificing their health and happiness.

Get in touch with Jen:


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